Monthly Report June 2021

We are continuing to make steady progress on Agoa and other Agora related tools. The team’s largest accomplishment for the month was the completion of node to node encryption. Having node to node encryption in place gives Agora an unparalleled level of privacy without compromising scalability or liveness within the network. A substantial amount of time was spent on improving how users will interact with and monitor Agora. We have fully completed the frontend of our network map which functions very similarly to what other platforms such as Ethereum have. Our network map is a little…

BOSAGORA, 남양주시와 ‘ESG 메타시티’ 구현을 위한 업무 협약 체결

BOSAGORA, the standing representative of the MetaCity Forum has signed an agreement with Namyangju City to implement “ESG MetaCity Namyangju” on the 30th.

The flow of non-face-to-face and digital economic activities led by MZ generation accelerates after covid 19. The MetaCity Forum and Namyangju City combined Metaverse’s concept with ESG administration (Environmental, Social and Governance) to develop a new municipal administration in Namyangju City. We are going to work together to implement the direction.

ESG MetaCity Namyangju

Namyangju City, located in northeastern Gyeonggi Province, is the second-largest city after Goyang City in northern Gyeonggi Province, with more than 700,000 people…

BOSAGORA, 부산혁신공정교육포럼 및 동명대학교 산학협력단과 ‘메타캠퍼스 시티 부산’ 구축을 위한 교류 협력 협약 체결

BOSAGORA, the standing representative of the MetaCity Forum, signed an exchange and cooperation agreement with the Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum and TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation to establish ‘Meta Campus Busan City’.

Convention Agency

The Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum consists of a total of 100 people, including Jeong Seung-yoon, a professor at Law School of Busan National University, 33 teachers and professors, 33 parents of elementary, middle and high schools in Busan, and 33 opinion leaders such as lawyers, doctors, and business composed.

The Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum will carry out the following projects to promote…

BOSAGORA, IBK투자증권과 메타시티포럼 참여 및 업무 제휴 협약 체결

IBK Securities participated in the MetaCity Forum, which launched on 31st May. BOSAGORA, serving as the permanent representative of the MetaCity Forum, signed an agreement for a business partnership with IBK Securities on 22nd June.

Reinforcement of Metacity Forum Infrastructure

IBK Securities is one of eight subsidiaries of the state-run Industrial B …

Monthly Report May 2021

May was busier than ever for the development team. During the past month we focused on the final Talos integration with Agora, major SCP upgrades, and a graphical network map similar to what Ethereum has. We are working as fast as we can to finish up our last minute CoinNet developments. Our original completion date for CoinNet was going to be the end of May but due to additional development demands that need to be addressed we are forced to extend our development time. Rest assured, we are extending our development time in order to deliver the best possible blockchain…

Dev. Team Sprint Update 43 Update

Functionality Implementations

Make the order of inputs and outputs in a transaction well-defined #1248 (Blockchain, Enhancement)

This enhancement was worked on by Chris. With this completed transactions will now require the inputs and outputs to be sorted. For inputs, the sort is by utxo hash and for outputs, it is the lock (lockType then bytes) followed by the value bytes.

Discourage signing multiple blocks at a certain height #1658 (Blockchain, Enhancement)

This enhancement was worked on by Chris. Previously the block signature was using the hash of the block to create the signature noise for each node. This meant that a node could sign more than one block at a certain height which we want to prevent. If we add the preimage to the node’s enrollment commitment…

BOSAGORA, 국립 목포해양대학교와 해양 생태계 보전을 위한 국제 공동 캠페인 협약 체결

Climate Issues and Social Responsibility

In 2015, the world leaders set a goal for reducing greenhouse gases in the Paris climate agreement and signed an agreement to achieve it by 2030, and many companies are conducting business by implementing ESG (environmental/social/governance) management by adding environment to their direction.

The oceans have a huge impact on the Earth’s atmosphere. Algae and phytoplankton are trees in the ocean that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. The oxygen they provide accounts for 70.8% of the planet’s total oxygen emissions, making a far greater contribution than the Amazon rainforest. …

BOSAGORA ‘메타시티포럼’ 출범

Metaverse, the beginning of a new world

All industries around the world are paying attention to Metaverse. Metaverse is absorbing all the market’s attention with its powerful ripple effect, which is considered the most innovative industry transformation since the popularization of the Internet in the 1990s and the spread of smartphones in 2007.

Metaverse is implemented through eXtended rea …

Dev. Team Sprint Update 42 Update

Functionality Implementations

Build a frontend for Faucet #38 (Faucet, Feature)

This feature was worked on by Ku. We needed to create a simple frontend application for users to ask for coins.

The frontend includes the following features:

  • A field to input a public key (and verify its consistency);
  • A way to identify the user (e.g. email verification + token);
  • Gives the user the txid once the tx has been sent (and in the future, a link to the block explorer).

Upgrade SCPD to the latest SCP release #505 (SCP, Enhancement)

This enhancement was worked on by Drey. Agora needed to be updated to the latest version of SCP in order to ensure stability of the consensus protocol. This was a…


Last year, BOSAGORA entered into a strategic alliance with the Blockchain Research Institute co-founded by Don Tapscott, and recruited Don Tapscott as an advisor to BOSAGORA at the same time.

Since then, the two companies have continued close communication to take advantage of the strategic opportunities of the blockchain and research implementation tasks together and established Blockchain Research Institute Korea (hereinafter referred to as BRIK, Blockchain Research Institute Korea) to achieve this in earnest.

Blockchain Research Institute Korea (BRIK)



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